Monochrome Editorial

January 11, 2023

After moving to the DC area and familiarizing myself with the city’s many grand buildings and monuments through graduation sessions and branding portraits, I realized that there was an untapped potential for creative concepts to be held there. I’ve witnessed so many photography sessions take place – fashion, wedding, headshots, and so on – where the subjects have bright pops of color and stand out against the marble columns and walls of the monuments. But for some reason, I wanted the opposite. I wanted an all-neutral color palette (but if you know me, that’s not surprising at all!) to lean into the beauty of the monuments. So, I started building a “monochrome monument” mood board to put my vision to paper. 

Having known each other from a mutual friend, Trinity and I met for the first time to do this shoot and it was a model/photographer match made in heaven! We had so much fun shooting around the building’s tall columns and avoiding tourists around the corners. I loved the tones that show through in the final photos, and this started my love for photographing creative concepts at the monuments.

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