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It is the ability to capture individuals in their happiest moments, all while inspiring creativity and creating art together, that continues to motivate the fusion of passion and career.

A photographer born and raised in New Jersey, and now living and working in the Washington DC area. I graduated from Virginia Tech in 2019, where I spent most of my college career shooting live music and events, as well as portraits for my friends and classmates.

What started out as a fun hobby has grown into an amazing career of shooting portraits and creative work for a variety of clients, including artists and creators, couples, bands and musicians, small business owners, and students.

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Through the medium of photography, my creativity soared. It is my goal to harness the same feelings from my clients. I take pride in my creative process, because it is through exploration and collaboration that my clients are able to nourish their individuality and gain inspiration too.

I was an artist growing up, but I lacked the patience to pursue painting and drawing. I felt that I was wasting my talent because I wasn't pursuing mediums that I was told I was gifted in. It was when I discovered photography that I came to realize and accept that those other mediums were not where my creativity was meant to flourish. With photography, I never felt impatient when shooting or editing, I felt inspired and I am so grateful for that discovery.

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